23 February, 2017

Hiking trip "Wild Gorgans" review 04-09.09.2016

Author: Diyun Huang, China.
Many thanks to the Carpathian outdoor for making this fascinating trip possible!
In the last two years, I have been to the Polish and Slovakian side of the Tartra for hiking and skiing. Still, I am pleasantly surprised that the Carpathian mountain at Ukrainian side is so unexplored and natural!

24 January, 2017

Hiking trip "High Chornohora" review 25-30.08.2016

Author: François 29 years, Gentilly (France).
We are now in Paris, holidays are over ! We really enjoyed our trip in Ukraine and Romania. We travelled without troubles and the weather was sunny all the time!

14 June, 2015

Odzew na spływ rzeką Dniestr 01-03.05.2015r.

Autor: Marcin 38 lat, Polska. 
Witam wszystkich, szczerze polecam firmę Carpathions outdoors i jej założyciela Saszę, jako organizatora aktywnego wypoczynku na Ukrainie. Ja z rodziną, żoną, córką 13 lat i synem 10 lat i wybieraliśmy się w góry, ze względu na warunki pogodowe Sasza rekomendował zmianę wycieczki na spływ po Dniestrze.

29 November, 2011


Choosing suitable footwear involves matching your needs to one of the many different styles available. Hiking footwear ranges from lightweight trekking sandals to fully fledged mountaineering boots. There are two factors that determine the type of boot you select. The first concerns your personal requirements. These include the shape of your feet and how much support they need. You also need to consider how far you are traveling and the terrain. Keep the weight of your boots as light as possible because unnecessary weight on your feet can be extremely tiring.

28 November, 2011


Hiking into the wilderness with a pack on your back is an empowering experience. 10 tips for successful outdoor travelling provide information about how to get ready for adventure trip. We hope these recommendations will be very useful, especially for beginners.


The Carpathian Mountains lie in the centre of Europe. The length of arch is 1500 km and it stretches across the territory of Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Hungary up to Serbia and Montenegro. The arch consists of 3 main parts: Western, Eastern, and Southern Carpathians. The highest summit of the Carpathians is Gerlakhovski Shtit 2655 m, (Tatras, Slovak Republic).